About Us

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Welcome to Irmãos M. Marques

Irmãos M. Marques is a 40 years old firm which is managed by well experienced, professional, staff. We are widely acknowledged to be jersey knit experts – experienced, focused, efficient and reliable in all aspects of production management.

Our Beliefs

Our priority is to fulfill our customers’ needs. We strive to improve performance in order to achieve an optimum level of service and quality.

The continuous growth of our customers and our partnership with them is essential. We expand our range of products from time to time, thus enabling our customers to capture a bigger share of their market.

Our Location

Our company is based in the north of Portugal, home of the textile industry, and a geographical focal point for several international markets.

We are proud to be a leader in jersey knits, exporting all across the world.

Jersey Knit Advantages

  • Jersey knit bedding feels like wearing your favorite t-shirt, because it’s made of the same material!
  • Its young and casual look, makes it almost unnecessary to iron. Just take it out of your drier and put it on your bed.
  • Its thermal properties make it cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.
  • The fitted sheets are so easy to fit in your mattress… and they never move as you roll on your bed!