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Irmãos M. Marques

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Irmãos M. Marques

Irmãos M. Marques

40 Years of Experience

Irmãos M. Marques

Made In Portugal

All our products are exclusively manufactured in Portugal.
We strive to achieve the best quality in our products.

Jersey Knit Experts

We are known for our jersey knits, we can confidently say you won’t find a better product, anywhere else in the world.

Worldwide Exports

Our products travel all around the World. We are ideally positioned to be the natural choice for all your textiles.

Industry Professionals

With years of knowledge regarding the textile market, our team of professionals truly makes us who we are.

We are located in Santo Tirso, in the northern region of Portugal, an area known for textile production, our excellent facilities allow us to continue to innovate, while always looking for that perfect fit.